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Inoui World

01 History and origins

Behind the poetic universe of Inoui Editions, there is first of all a story of friendship. That of two women overflowing with creativity. Lise is a stylist and graduate of the prestigious Berçot fashion school. Mathilde is a designer. Enrolled at the Beaux-Arts from the age of 11, she never goes anywhere without a notebook and pencil in hand. In 1998, upon obtaining her diploma in applied arts, Mathilde got her first job in the design office founded by Lise. Immediately, the pair clicked and formed the perfect fusion: Lise gives the inspirations, Mathilde writes the score. Together, they collaborated with major fashion houses before embarking on the ambitious adventure of combining their talents to establish their own brand, putting design at the heart of each creation. These were the building blocks that lead to the foundation of Inoui Editions in 2009, a line of printed scarves, each telling a story like a painting. Inoui Editions also stems from the love that Lise and Mathilde share for the Bay of the Somme, the land of their childhood. Because it is here that their imagination was forged, they naturally set up their design office facing the bay, in an old boathouse. Every day, this wild and lush nature, this palette of endless colours and lights in constant metamorphosis, change with the rhythm of the tides as it passes before their eyes. These are the catalysts that have inspired the chimerical and poetic universe of the brand since its creation. Inoui Editions is finally a strong and united team. A small family which, for eleven years, have been working hand in hand with the same vision to achieve a unique and distinct beauty. All decisions are taken in a collaborative way, around a table. To entice creativity, to confront different perspectives, to question each other, and to propose to you, continually more inspiring collections.

02 The design office

We have at our core, a desire to create unique pieces, thought of as works of art and an invitation to the discovery of a wonderful and extraordinary universe. With this in mind, we ensure creation is the fundamental pillar: from the drawing to the manufacturing of our pieces. Our creations are entirely hand drawn by our team of designers and are each the result of one to three weeks of sketching, depending on the finesse and detail of the design. Then comes the work on the colours, to bring the design to life while respecting its meaning. All our prints are available in four colour ranges selected after more than fifty tests, to find the ideal shade each time.

03 Our inspirations

Each of our collections represent several themes - floral, landscapes, enchanted tales, portraits of objects or astonishing motifs of modernity - conducive to the visual odyssey that we’d love you to join us on. Our inspirations are eclectic. We draw them from nature, from the street, from our history and play with styles, influences and eras, always with the intention of surprising you. Season after season, the stories we propose follow each other and answer each other. The same characters are invited to the party, appearing each time under a new light. The leopard who used to evolve peacefully in the shade of a field of flowers, reappears in the company of a jungle of felines to populate the streets of Paris.

“La dune est mauve, avec une rare chevelure d’herbe bleuâtre, des oasis de liserons délicats dont le vent déchire, dès leur éclosion, la jupe-parapluie veinée de rose (...) La baie de Somme, humide encore, mire sombrement un ciel égyptien, framboise, turquoise et cendre verte...”
Colette - Baie de Somme

04 Our collections

Scarves, silk squares, beach towels, bags and clutches form the heart of our collections. Ideal canvases to give free rein to our imagination, we love these universal pieces that appeal to women and men of all generations. More recently, a range of leather goods have enriched our iconic textile accessories. Always driven by the same desire for excellence, we have welcomed into the team two names in Italian leather goods, who bring us their know-how and their network of artisans

05 Our collaborations

The reopening of the Richelieu site, the historic cradle of the National Library of France, is an opportunity for a collaboration between Inoui Editions and the Library. The treasures drawn from the BnF’s collections have inspired these creations that celebrate the alliance of heritage and contemporary creativity.

06 Materials and know-how

While our designs are imagined in Baie de Somme, all our textile pieces are made in India, where the ancestral techniques of weaving, printing and embroidery, passed down from generation to generation, allow our universe to come alive. The leather goods line is made in Tunisia from leathers sourced in Italy. We work in close collaboration with our Indian partners and visit them for each new collection. With them, we meticulously study the choice of materials, the best weaving techniques, the finishing touches... those little details that make all the difference.